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Black sweatshirt with printed on the chest symbol of Polish military aviation from 1923-1993. Air Force Checkerboard, as logo of Polish military aircraft, was introduced by ordinance of Chief of the General Staff of the Polish Armed Forces No 38 from 1st of December 1918. Before that, polish aircrafts were marked with different, white-red elements. Patriotic sweatshirt in black color with Polish Air Force Checkerboard - symbol of Polish military aviation, which is well-known and perfectly recognizable, Sweatshirt is a great way of expressing own patriotic views. Patriotic sweatshirt with Polish Air Force Checkerboard characterizes perfect quality in an affordable price. Great cotton, with admixture of polyester, gives a guarantee of durability of the material. Sweatshirt does not stretch, even when intensively used. Frequent washing also does not change its shape. Extremely durable overprint made by silkscreen method was placed in the front, and also on the yoke. Sweatshirt was designed and produced in Poland, which perfectly fits an idea of patriotism. It is a perfect choice for men, who value high quality clothing, and, at the same time, are not ashamed of their patriotic views. Perfectly made, durable, warm, soft.

- Ultra-durable overprint made by silkscreen method in the front and on the yoke

- Textile resistant to multiple washing

- Piping in national colors

- Surge stripes

- Elegant carboard tag

- Comes in esthetic packaging

Composition: 90% Cotton 10% Polyester

Weight: 280 g