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he legend of "Ice Warriors" is still alive. Will the Winter National Expedition on K2 be a success? We believe that YES! The pattern was designed for "Ice Warriors" and as a cheering Winter National Expedition for the last eight-thousand-year-old yet undeveloped in winter. We really hope that the Polish team of exquisite composite climbers will win the K2 summit this winter.The sweatshirt is made of the highest quality materials, thanks to which it does not lose its shape even after repeated washing. In addition, they are very pleasant to touch. The overprint was made by screen printing, in which good quality paint was used, which makes it very durable. The sweatshirt can be worn to jeans as a daily stylization, or to sweat pants as a cover for the gym or sports hall.

- Extractable screen printing on the front and yoke

- Material resistant to repeated washing

- One kangaroo pocket

- Tape in national colors

- A neck made of white and red checkered fabric

- Surge Inserts

- Metal cap in the hood

Composition: 90% Cotton 10% Polyester

Weight: 280 g


  • Surge Polonia USA