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The Warsaw SYRENKA symbolizes strength, perseverance, and at the same time delicacy, hidden in a beautiful female body. Legend has it that a half-woman Mermaid, half a fish for her help and freeing her from a wealthy merchant, promised to protect Warsaw. There is a saber in her right hand, and a shield in her left hand, which means she's ready to defend herself against the attack on the city. The mermaid appeared in the official symbolism of the city of Warsaw already in the middle of the 18th century, whereas it was found in illustrations for literary works from the second half of the 17th century. Patriotic clothing arouses more and more interest not only among men. Women also eagerly reach for T-shirts referring to known Polish symbols. This time we present a women's T-shirt with a motif of the Warsaw Mermaid, which symbolizes strength, perseverance, and at the same time delicacy. The shirt was made of the highest quality fabric. As a result, you can be sure that the shirt will fit nicely on the body. At the same time, it perfectly tolerates even really intensive use. Its appearance is not adversely affected by frequent washing. What does it mean? The shirt can be worn as often as you like. The print was made with an extremely durable screen printing technique. As a result, it does not lose its perfect appearance for a very long time. The shirt is worn perfectly. It is a great complement to various stylizations. Undoubtedly it will work during trips out of town or meetings with friends. Completed with the right jacket can become an original complement to the styling for work. Blue T-shirt Syrenka Warszawska

- Extractable screen printing on the front and neck

- Material resistant to repeated washing

- Surge print on the right collarbone

- Tape in national colors

- Jacquard at the bottom of the shirt

- Packaged in aesthetic packaging

Composition: 94% Cotton / 6% Elastane

Weight: 170 g