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Men pay more and more attention to what they wear, so men’s fashion keeps becoming more interesting. Not often, they also decide to presents their own believes. That is the reason, why on proposed T-shirt, we have put an image of dynamic eagle in flight. T-shirt is the highest quality product, made by knitwear. Its owner may be sure that it will looks great for many years. T-shirt does not stretch and does not lose its shape, even frequently used. Textile is resistant to multiple washing. Overprint was made by silkscreen method. It retains its ‘brand new’ look for a long time. T-shirt is delivered in esthetic packaging, which gives a product an elegant look. It may be a perfect gift for an extraordinary man, who is an enthusiast of clothing, that refers to polish patriotic symbols. Durable, well-made, extraordinary. T-shirt for a real man.

- Ultra-durable overprint made by silkscreen method

- Textile resistant to multiple washing

- Piping in national colors

- A jacquard at the bottom of the shirt

- Comes in esthetic packaging

Composition: 60% Cotton 40% Polyester

Weight: 180 g