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Patriotic themes are now willingly picked by people, who love their Homeland. For those, who are working out and, at the time, are not ashamed of their patriotic feelings, we have prepared jogging T-shirt with Hussars Wings theme. T-shirt was made of high-quality material, which provides comfort on the highest level. This knitwear dries very quickly. What is important, it drains sweat, so it stays perfectly dry even during really intensive physical effort. It reduces risk of irritations. T-shirt is elastic and nicely fits the body, which provides a runner freedom of movement on the top level. Used material is resistant to stretching. It does not change its look even after very extensive usage. It may also be frequently washed, without loss of its excellent properties. We equipped it with reflective elements to ensure, that it’s not only comfortable, but also safe.

- Made by elastic, quick-drying knitwear that drains sweat

- Resistant to multiple washing

- Ultra-durable sublimation overprint

- Reflective polish flag in the neck

- Reflective Surge logo on the collarbone

- Reflective stripes 360° around both sleeves

- Comes in esthetic packaging

Composition: 90% Polyester 10% Elastane

Weight: 90 g