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„Ice Fighters” is nickname for polish mountain climbers created by an international community of climbers. Poles, as first ever, have came up with an idea to ascend the highest summits during winter. Before that, is was believed to be impossible or insane! Everyone was terrified by extremely low temperatures and hurricane winds, which are common during winter in Himalayas. Poles had changed it. Until this day, as the first ones ever, has climbed 10 out of 14 eight-thousanders. This success has put us in a history and showed that impossible does not exist for Poles! ‘Ice Fighters’ T-shirt was created for those, who have a courage to dream of impossible and reach for things, other considers unavailable - they try to get to the world highest summits and fight to ascend K2.

- Textile resistant to multiple washing

- Shirt fabric on the yoke

- Piping in national colors

- A jacquard at the bottom of the shirt

- Comes in esthetic packaging

Composition: 100% Cotton

Weight: 180 g