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Wojtek Bear is an extraordinary Syrian brown bear adopted by the Polish soldiers during World War II. He served with them in 22nd Transport Company's Artillery Division in the Polish 2nd Corps commanded by Lieutenant General Władysław Anders. With them, he passed the combat trail from Iran to Scotland. Soldiers got very close to the Bear - lived together, ate together and played together in their spare time. During one of the most important battles - Battle of Monte Casino, Wojtek Bear helped soldiers by carrying boxes with ammunition. Already during a war, it became popular. Stories about brave corpolar were known among soldiers of every army. This legend continuous to this day.

- Ultra-durable overprint made by silkscreen method

- Textile resistant to multiple washing

- Piping in national colors

- A jacquard at the bottom of the shirt

- Elegant cardboard tag

- Comes in esthetic packaging

Composition: 100% Cotton

Weight: 180 g