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Men’s patriotic clothing made by Surge Polonia brand is a proposition for men, who consider themselves as patriots and want to express their views also by their outfit. In our offer, we have modern patriotic sweatshirts in black color with overprint of polish white and red flag. This sweatshirt is distinguished by high quality, which makes it extremally durable. Proposed sweatshirt was made of cotton with a small admixture of polyester. It’s soft and warm, so it’s perfect for autumn-winter season. White-red flag is one of symbols of Poland. It’s a national holiness, which deserves the highest respect. Its colors correspond to the Coat of Arms of Poland’s colors - White Eagle on the red background. White color in heraldry represents purity, while red one stands for bravery and prowess. Wavy, flapping, dynamic polish frag symbolize those exact values, especially steadfastness of the Polish spirit. Overprint, placed on the sweatshirt, is very durable. It is very permanent, so it won’t change its look even after multiple washing. An esthetic packaging makes this product an excellent gift for real men, who value high quality and support polish clothing industry. Men’s sweatshirt without hood in color black and overprint of white-red polish flag meets expectations of people, who consider themselves as patriots and are not ashamed of it.

- Ultra-durable overprint made by silkscreen method – polish flag in the front and Surge Polonia logo on the yoke

- Piping in national colors

- Surge stripes

- Elegant carboard tag

- Comes in esthetic packaging

Composition: 90% Cotton 10% Polyester

Weight: 280 g